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The Junior Monster Truck era began in 1993 with Nessie 1. When asked by my son if I would build him a go kart, I was all to eager to combine my 16 year admiration for monster trucks, my interest in the I.H.R.A. Junior Dragster program and the fact that when I set out to do something I have never settled for the ordinary.
Nessie 1 had a Bronco style body that raised up like a funny car for driver access. The front mounted engine and small tractor gearbox later proved to be the wrong combination for power. After nearly three years of initial construction and 8 months of continuous testing, parts replacement and design changes, satisfaction of performance was never achieved. Having exhausted every variation of change that could be done to this chassis it was now time to either give up or go back to the drawing board.
After an all night effort in April of 1996 to get the pieces back together for the Thunder on Wheels monster truck show(at the Brown Co. Arena) where we were to appear on behalf of the local D.A.R.E. program, The crowds overwhelming possitive response(even after learning it would never leave the trailer due to a driveline failure) was the deciding factor that told me this was not the time to give up. So in June of 1996, plans were set for Nessie 2.




Combining excisting knowledge and further research into the workings of a real Monster Truck (and being well aware of what didn't work the last time).
Nessie 2's chassis was completed by August of 96. With the axles and transfer box fabricated and in place by early October, it was time to add some power.
A salvaged 1.6 litre engine boasting 46hp in stock condition seemed like it should fit the bill. With Internal modifications, performance parts, and the dedicated help (sometimes till the wee hours of the morning) of my three boys, we had the engine set in the frame rails and fired it to life on the day before Thanksgiving 1996.
With some of the smaller but still important details left go until this point, it was time for finishing up the chassis and suspension so we could set our sites on a body.
Nessie 2's increased chassis length and drivers seat relocation called for a pick up truck body style. We constructed new plugs for the cabs rear section keeping the original Sea Monster facial features from the old body. New plugs for the box sides and tailgate were also needed. Hand layed fiberglass, bodywork and detailed painting found us just past the one year mark. After some much deserved time off, we're calling the completion date of Nessie 2 at September of 1997.
Never being a man who is completely  satisfied, Nessie 3 rolled out of the shop in February of 2000. Are we done yet?, Lets just say that I installed blinds on the shop windows and we'll see whats going on inside a little ways down the road. 
With what seems to be an endless list of possibilities and fan support, It looks as though the future of LochNessMonsterKart will live and grow on for many years to come.


Thank's for your support!!!



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